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Extra Credits

I love game design, and even started a blog devoted to the subject. My big red notebook has pages of observations and thoughts intended as material for said blog. But I'm thinking of shutting it down, now than I've discovered Extra Credits.

They're good. All the things I wanted to say about games, they had already said. And more clearly than I could. Oh, sure, there are some things I could ramble about, like varying degrees of persistence in the same game.

Then again, I haven't gotten through the whole archive yet. Maybe they do cover it.

D&D 5 Homebrew: PC Lizardfolk

Lizardfolk In the spectrum between civilized and savage, the lizardfolk are on the the most primitive extreme. With their stout claws and thick skin, they have little need for tools, clothing, or shelter.

The few Lizardfolk who venture out of their ancestral homes are unprepared to deal with the outside world. Many end up pressed into service as foot soldiers for some evil master. A lizardfolk hero is a rare thing indeed.