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DWM: More than just fandom drama

I recently babysat a child who entered my room, and upon seeing my massive My Little Pony collection, she ran to my Friendship is Magic shelf and started naming them, and once she got to Celestia, she told me she rapes people. She simply googled images of Celestia, and that little girl now knows what rape is. -- Pinkiepony, Down with Molestia
About a week ago, a blogger named Pinkiepony wrote the post I partially quoted above. She argues that bronies treat sexual abuse too lightly. You see, the "Princess Molestia" meme has been around for years, and John Joseco's Ask Princess Molestia (NSFW) was one of the first pony ask-blogs. She argued that this running joke trivialized rape.

That is a bold accusation, and naturally people denied it. The usually accusations and misinformation came out: She was just hungry for attention, she was trying to get APM kicked off Tumblr, she was a prude who didn't get APM's humor, she was dismissed as a misguided social justice warr…

Hello World

Hello world, this is where I blather on about whatever obsession I have at the moment. Expect to see a lot of games and politics. And ponies. Don't forget the ponies.

Basically, I needed a place to air my thoughts other than Facebook.