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What I'm looking for.


Princess rescue

She's cute. I am so gonna pull this on a D&D group some day.

XCOM! God I love XCOM!

I'm so gonzo for this game, I started a Let's Play thread on my favorite message board:

Come join my brave, doomed soldiers as they fight against the alien menace.

Superman/Lois Lane

Attempts at a Superman movie have suffered from a flaw inherent in the mythos: Superman is boring. You can tell an interesting story around him, certainly, but as a character study he's boring as hell.

Superman is an aspirational figure, he's the guy that you want to be when you grow up. He's got awesome, incredible power, and he uses that power responsibly. Most people would be changed by that level of power, but Supes will always be a kind and cheerful boy scout. Those are his real super powers: not being corrupted by his own power, and not being crushed by the responsibility that comes with it.

You can play Superman as more wishy-washy, but that's more Superboy than man. Discovering that power comes with responsibility is more Spider-Man's thing, anyway. Super-angst is pretty unwatchable. More than anything else, it was the angst that sank Superman Returns.

So those are the two extremes that a Superman story has to skate between: Immature and angsty or all too p…