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D&D 5 Homebrew: PC Kobold

Fifth edition has been occupying my thoughts lately. I've been putting together races and backgrounds. Here's my first effort:  Kobold Kobolds are the underdogs of the world. All over the world, kobolds are under the rule of other creatures, whether slaves of gnolls or supplicants to a fickle dragon. They fatalistically accept their lot in life, content to be under the protection or a powerful master. Or so it seems. You never know if a kobold is sincere, or simply waiting for the right time to stab his former master in the back.

In the few cases where kobolds are autonomous, they are nearly always forced into the most desolate and unforgiving places. They live in played-out mines, long-abandoned ruins, and other places deemed unfit for habitation by other races. The cling to these enclaves with ruthless tenacity, and they do not appreciate intruders.