DWM: More than just fandom drama

I recently babysat a child who entered my room, and upon seeing my massive My Little Pony collection, she ran to my Friendship is Magic shelf and started naming them, and once she got to Celestia, she told me she rapes people. She simply googled images of Celestia, and that little girl now knows what rape is. -- Pinkiepony, Down with Molestia

About a week ago, a blogger named Pinkiepony wrote the post I partially quoted above. She argues that bronies treat sexual abuse too lightly. You see, the "Princess Molestia" meme has been around for years, and John Joseco's Ask Princess Molestia (NSFW) was one of the first pony ask-blogs. She argued that this running joke trivialized rape.

That is a bold accusation, and naturally people denied it. The usually accusations and misinformation came out: She was just hungry for attention, she was trying to get APM kicked off Tumblr, she was a prude who didn't get APM's humor, she was dismissed as a misguided social justice warrior - a case of political correctness gone wild.

When she started selling Down With Molestia shirts, she was accused of only being in it for the money. In fact, she donated it to a rape-survivor's charity. She had to post screenshots to convince the skeptics she really did. Some pony fans joined the DWM movement, but most didn't.

I wish I could say that's as far as it went. I wish the anti-DWM crowd had just ignored her, but apparently, an attack on a dirty joke was too much to let pass. Before I continue, you should know that Pinkiepony is 17 years old, and a rape survivor herself.

The inbox of her ask blog filled up with disgusting threats, including rape and death threats. (Image) When DWM-friendly messages made it to Derpybooru 4-chan, vile messages were posted about her. Two troll-blogs were started at Tumblr to discredit DWM ideas. A picture of her OC being raped by Molestia was circulated, and yet another tumblr blog was set up to spread that image. 

And then some of her opponents decided to confront her in person. I guess they didn't see anything wrong with stalking and confronting a teenager to debate her about sexual abuse. The anti-DWM crowd naturally accused her of making it all up.

Not fucking cool, bronies. This is not how you treat someone you disagree with. I'm not going to go into the merits of the DWM cause in this post. (That's coming later.) You may believe that the Molestia jokes are just harmless fun, but when you have this staggering level of misogynist hate on your side of the argument, you have to stop and wonder why.


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