D&D 5 Homebrew Magic items A-Z, part 1

The magic items chapter int the 5th ed Dungeon Master's Guide has just a few gaps. I've been trying my hand at re-creating some old favorites in the Fifth edition idiom. Just for kicks, I'll post them in alphabetical order. (Because all the ones starting with A are already done.)

Admantine Weapon

Weapon (melee), uncommon

Attacks with this weapon ignore slashing, piercing, and bludgeoning resistance. In addition, it is totally unbreakable, short of a disintegrate spell or equivalent.
I was surprised that admantine armor was only uncommon. So I had to keep admantine weapons in the same tier. Fifth edition treats admantine weapons as just another exotic material, like silver. (Whatever happened to cold iron?) 

Amulet of Mighty Fists

Wondrous item, uncommon
While wearing this amulet, your unarmed strikes are treated as magic weapons deal that 1d6 bludgeoning damage.
The d20 version was a must-have for monks. That seems against the 5e spirit, so took it down a couple notches. This version is something that a monk will soon outgrow, but adds a fun option for those without access to martial weapon, or just a badass backup weapon. 

Amulet of the Thick Hide

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)
This amulet makes your skin as tough as leather armor. You have a +1 bonus armor class, or +2 if you are not wearing armor.
It's a little bit ring of protection, a little bid bracers of protection. I would not let it stack with other "not wearing armor" AC boosters, but I'll leave it up to the GM to decide. 

Anarchic Weapon

Weapon (any), vary rare
You gain a bonus of +1 to hit and damage with this magic weapon. When this weapon strikes any lawfully-aligned celestial, fiend, fey, or modron, it deals an additional d8 thunder damage.

Axiomatic Weapon

Weapon (any), vary rare
You gain a bonus of +1 to hit and damage with this magic weapon. When this weapon strikes any chaotically-aligned celestial, fiend, fey, or slaad, it deals an additional d8 thunder damage.
An official version of these two would probably affect aberrations, too. Personally, I always thought of aberrations as Lovecraftian outsiders, unconnected to the cosmic battle  of  Good vs Evil. Or indeed Law against Chaos, It annoys me that Protection from Evil and Good included them. 
I decided on sonic thunder damage for a music of creation feel. A chorus for one, and a jarring noise for the other. 


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