Rise of the Feminist Pony Gang

At no point did I intend to make this a pony feminism blog. There is clearly a need for such a thing, and fortunately the pony fans of tumblr have risen to the challenge.

I already linked to Brony Tears for DWM Fears in my DWM roundup. They are still going strong, even as DWM morphs into a wider movement.

This image is from Feminist Pony, which might be yet another Cuteosphere project. So far the blog is mostly re-posts and pony art, but quality stuff. There's a navigation menu on the right if you want to skip to the crunchy stuff. All things Cuteosphere-related are worth following.

The Feminist Pony Gang image at the top of the post is by Deco Pink Dingo, wear it with pride! It's still a young movement, but growing. Rock on, sisters.


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